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Restorative Exercise
Restorative Exercise is the movement education you wished you had learnt years ago. It is a whole-body approach to learning how you move, restoring lost movement through corrective exercises and then applying these new skills to our whole lives, not just within the exercise setting.
Feldenkrais improves your capacity for the brain and nervous system, and the skeleton and muscles, to communicate. Increase mobility and flexibility; enhance stability and confidence; help to prevent falls.
Holistic/Classic/Swedish massage uses a mixture of techniques to work on the soft tissues of the body - to relieve stress (emotional or physical), release tension and further general well-being.
A lovely, relaxing treatment that promotes well-being and can also assist in the healing of ailments. Reflexology recognises that the anatomy of the body is reflected on reflex zones on the feet. Reflexology works by stimulating these reflex points through precise movements, to help bring about balance and trigger the body's natural response to heal and relax.

Qi gong
A gentle form of exercise, Qi gong works on the whole of life by aligning the physical movements with the mind & the breath. The benefits of exercise increase exponentially when these dimensions are added.
Practicing Qi gong helps increase mental clarity, improves internal strength and stability and helps us understand the patterns of thought that inadvertently support illness and negative emotions.
Wellness Workshops
Watch for updates! Wellness Movement welcomes the sharing of knowledge and experience through one off or regular workshops. These are a great way to dip your toe into the waters of a new subject, or deepen your understanding of a topic. Our resident practitioners, or guest teachers from afar, will be presenting an exciting array of inspiring and cutting edge material.
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