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Alejandra Mires
Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher
About me
I am a qualified Massage Therapist in Deep Tissue and Reflexology. I have also been trained in Thai Massage, Shiatzu and Reiki Therapy.

The blend of Western massage styles with the Energetic approach of Eastern tradition is what better defines my professional practice. Therefore, my treatments have a strong technical component like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Trigger points and I would then combine this with pressure points, gentle stretching and breath.

In order to provide a nurturing, safe and restorative experience I rely on my ability to be present and be led by my intuition. Every session is tailored to the intentions and concerns of each client which are discussed at the beginning.

I strongly believe, and it's been proved by my personal experience, that my role as a therapist is to facilitate a process that happens organically in the body, where the client has an active role to play at taking responsibility of their process to achieve their desires, in daily life. With this in mind I might advise with physical activity, stretching specific muscles, keep body hydrated, etc.
Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue

45 minutes to $75
60 minutes to $ 90
90 minutes to $ 140

"I have been a regular weekly customer of Alejandra's for almost the last year.
I have been a consumer of deep tissue massages for about 20 years, particularly during a decade of intense sporting events - 8 marathons and competitive cycling races - and I have had the benefit of many good, and some not-so-good massage therapists.
Although those sporting events are now behind me, I still find it therapeutic to have deep tissue massage at the end of my working week.
I was very lucky to find Alejandra - she is very skilled at what she does and I strongly recommend her to any future customers for her knowledge, skill and ability to achieve the desirable benefit from a massage, which for me is the loosening of any knots in my muscles that have accumulated over the previous week.
She is right up there with the best and I will continue to see her on a weekly basis."
Bruce Farquhar

"I have been a client of Alejandra for some weeks now and am very impressed with her professional approach, quality massage and warm and inviting room."

Reflexology is an ancient foot massage technique, which benefits the whole body and its functions. Restore the energy flow in the energetic channels unfolding the body's self-healing potential. This massage provides a restful and invigorating experience of deep relaxation.

45 minutes session $ 45.

Yoga Classes
Yin Yoga the practice of letting go...

Tuesdays at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

This class is an invitation to stillness. We will start connecting with the space, grounding in our bodies and let the breath lead us into a mindful practice.

Yin Yoga provides a deep physical and mental relaxation
All levels are welcome. No previous experience is required.

6 class concession card $75. Casual $15.

Refresher Yoga Course

Fridays at 9:15 am to 10:15 am.

This is an opportunity for those new to yoga or for those who are keen to unroll their mat after a break, to visit the foundations of a mindful and safe yoga practice. The course will focus on basic breathing, alignment and flow.
This course is suitable for beginners or more experienced students. Each class will follow a structure
with flexibility to provide options to all levels.

$50 for 4 weeks - ongoing course
Casuals welcome

" I met Alejandra when I started my yoga journey earlier this year,she has helped me so much in my journey to find calm and balance, not only in my body but in my mind.
She inspires me to look and think further than what is directly in front of me and this has helped me with how I approach my physical challenges. I am growing more patient and at ease with myself and that is down to her nurturing way she teaches yoga.
She is an amazing Masseur, Yoga Teacher and Person."

Phone or text 021 2970076
Feel free to contact me for enquiries or bookings.
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